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Heaven and Hell on Earth (every LJ needs a pretentious title)

30th July, 2015. 8:48 pm.

I want this house. Grade II listed, built in 1720, simply gorgeous, and a five minute walk to Putney Bridge Tube station. However it's on the market for over three million pounds. Pounds, not dollars. So I'd say the odds of me being able to buy the house are slim, unless I start playing the lottery.

Actually, I'm not crazy about the small back garden. Fantasy house hunters international is safe for another day!

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29th July, 2015. 5:54 pm.

My mum found The Americans, Season 1 (which she had lost). Yay, I can re-watch now!

There've been two incidents recently of large ocean predators getting beached and being saved by passers-by tirelessly throwing buckets of salt water over them, over and over again. Near Vancouver it was an juvenile orca, also known as killer whale. And in Cape Cod it was a juvenile Great White Shark! The orca had probably been chasing seals in shallow water, and she did eventually manage to dislodge herself after the tide came back in. She would surely have died without the volunteers keeping her cool and wet for 6 hours, though. In Cape Cod, the Coast Guard (very carefully, I presume) tied a rope to the Great White's tail and then towed it into deep water with a boat.

Orcas have good press these days, "Free Willy" and everything. But Great White Sharks have terrible press. Good for the Cape Cod people seeing it was in distress and helping it. But I must admit I'm surprised. I'm vaguely surprised about the orca, too. I read Farley Mowat's A Whale for the Killing in my formative years and it left an impression that people are bastards. It's good to be wrong sometimes.

I had terrible trouble sleeping last night, so cannibalized tonight's sleeping pills in order to get to sleep. And of course I don't pick up my new bubble pack until tomorrow, so I'll just have to make do with less than usual tonight. Le sigh!

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27th July, 2015. 8:05 pm.

Interesting read, "Ant-Man" Less Feminist in 2015 Than It Was In 1963, gakked from...someone on my f-list/dwircle.

Also an interesting read, gakked from [profile] kita0610, Why I Reject Autism Speaks, with lots of links down the bottom detailing this autism charity's iniquities.

In other news, my mother does not want a big party for her upcoming milestone birthday, thank the lord. It would've fallen to her kids to organize, and I have not been dealing well with crowds at ALL lately. She just wants to do a low-key family celebration, maybe at a nicer restaurant than usual. She's getting Grantchester for her birthday, BTW. She loves mysteries, she loves period pieces, she loves Robson Green. Also, I "ahemmed" the pilot episode and it was awesome. Hat tip to [personal profile] musesfool for recommending it to me (and by extension to her).

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15th July, 2015. 3:21 am.

According to [community profile] ladybusiness, Ellen DeGeneres's production company has optioned Naomi Novik's excellent novel Uprooted, apparently. And if you haven't read Uprooted yet, why not? Go, read! Let's just hope DeGeneres is a little quicker off the mark than that bloody Peter Jackson, who optioned Novik's Temeraire series NINE YEARS AGO and has still done nothing with his option. Time's a wasting, buddy. There are Napoleonic dragons to film, when you finally finish making all 21 chapters of The Hobbit into separate movies. Actually, that's hyperbole. I don't know exactly how many chapters there are in The Hobbit. All I know is I really wish he'd hurry up on bringing Temeraire and Lawrence and all their human and dragon friends to the screen.

Gakked from [personal profile] selenak, and in honour of the New Horizons mission's successful trip to Pluto, have John Scalzi's Pluto Tells All. Truly, truly hilarious.

Am I the only person in North America who's always been kind of meh on To Kill a Mockingbird? I read it in my early teens as a set text in English class (we had quite a few American set texts, despite being in Canada) and it was...fine. I didn't DISlike the book, just didn't have this transcendent experience of adoring it, re-reading it over and over, going nuts at the prospect of a sequel or prequel, etc. It's just, there's all this huge hype over Go Set a Watchman, and I feel kind of left out of the frenzy.

Gakked from...someone on my f-list, have the New Yorker on Marriage Equality and the Dred Scott Decision.

Cross-border weirdness abounds. I looked into buying The Sorrow and the Pity on DVD. It's a really, really good French documentary about Vichy France and collaboration which I saw in class back when I used to be a university student. However, the price on Amazon.ca is $61.39 CDN, which is....a lot. I looked on Amazon.com, expecting the pricing to be similar, but there's it's only $29.47 USD. Even with cross-border shipping and positing a bad exchange rate, that's still a hell of a difference. Methinks I may ask for it for my birthday from family members.

I have Mad Max: Fury Road thoughts and links, but I'm running out of middle-of-the-night energy, so they'll just have to wait until the next update. But in short, go see that movie. It's one of those movies that should definitely be seen on the big screen at least once.

Oh God, I have to try and get some more sleep. I woke up at 2:15 am and it's now 3:47 and I still haven't fallen back to sleep. I need my sleep, dammit. I have to get up in 3 hours, and as Rex Harrison said in The Reluctant Debutante, "I wouldn't mind just a little nap before the office."

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12th July, 2015. 5:31 pm.

I have been reading Winter's Children, which is part of a small cottage industry of Winter Soldier fics in which HYDRA decided to try and recreate Captain America via cloning, and then Bucky stumbles upon the kiddiwinks. I don't think Neery's fic is the first one to use this general idea, but she takes the premise and runs with it. Really good fic, and I wish I remembered who'd recced it to me in the first place.

Some months ago I read a CA:tWS fic which I naturally forgot to bookmark at the time. It sounds really hokey, but was actually good. It involved Bucky communicating with Steve in dreams starting a few months before the start of the movie, Steve getting the Avengers (initially HIGHLY skeptical, of course) involved, and basically a really interesting AU in which Steve & Co. have the drop on the bad guys and the events of the movie kinda sorta still happen, but in a different way. And really, I promise, not nearly as hokey as it sounds.Does this ring any bells for anybody else? And if so, do they happen to recall a title or an author name?

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6th July, 2015. 8:07 pm. Frivolous question of the week

How is the last name Muir supposed to be pronounced? We have a large street in Vancouver named Dunsmuir Street and it's always pronounced DUNZ - muh - WEE - er. But I just met someone with the last name Muir who pronounces it Moore.

Of course, I realize there is no right or wrong way to pronounce a name, especially since this person seems perfectly happy pronouncing their name Moore. But have you run into alternate pronunciations of Muir?

In other news, this salt scrub is my favourite bath/body product ever. Between the exfoliation and the fabulous SMELL, I'm sold. Also, you don't need to use a lot.

So, the Greek no vote in the referendum, good thing or bad thing? A relative is supposed to be going to Greece in August for a sunshine break. Likelihood things will be kinda sorta semi sorted out by then? Sorted out enough that British tourists will be mostly unscathed? Obviously, for Greek people who actually have to live in Greece as opposed to jetting out there once every few years for a holiday, they're not going to be mostly unscathed, because no matter what happens with the EU, and no matter what happened with the outcome of the referendum, things are going to suck big time for quite a while. At least that's what the papers say.

Also, our local transit referendum is back, and it failed 62% to 38%. Speaking as one of the 38%-ers I'm kind of pissed. Yeah, I know the Yes side had its problems, but not putting serious investment into our transit system is not an option, given how fast Greater Vancouver's population keeps growing. Unless you're one of those people who drives everywhere and doesn't notice buses and Skytrain lines exist. I'm being unfair, not to mention bitchy. I know sensible people who voted No for very good reasons. But it still feels like a slap in the face to people like me who depend on public transit to live our lives. I can't just go out and buy a car, even if I could afford one. I don't have a driver's license.

So, what are people up to this fine evening?

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24th June, 2015. 8:37 am.

So, why didn’t anybody TELL me Naomi Novik had a new book out? You’re all fired, fired I tell you! I’ve just started “Uprooted”, her first fantasy novel not set in the Temeraire-verse, and it’s too early to tell if it’s a modern classic yet (I’m literally 16 pages in) but so far it’s very good. I made myself go to bed after 16 pages, because I knew otherwise I’d be up all night and find it hard to function today.

Something very irritating and expensive happened yesterday. The battery on Aeryn Sun Mk 2 (my phone) started draining. When I checked my phone at lunch it was only 4% charged. So I dug the cable and adaptor out of my bag (thank God I carry them) and plugged it in to a nearby outlet and carried on with my work. When I finished work it was mostly charged, but I also had a bunch of text messages from Telus, all that same afternoon:

You have used 75% of your data for the month.
You have used 90% of your data for the month.
You have used 100% of your data for the month.
You have used $50.00 of supplementary data and your data plan has now been blocked.


And the weird part is I wasn’t using my data plan at all that afternoon. I was working, but the phone was whirring away in the corner using up $50 worth of data on its bleeping own. At least if I’m going to spend $50, I’d like to enjoy it. I think I’m going to call Telus after work today and ask them if they can set my supplementary data block to kick in earlier. If this ever happens again, I’d rather spend $10 or $20 than $50. Anyway, I’ve got an appointment at the Apple Store after work tomorrow to figure out why the battery is draining on the phone.

I just spent the better part of $500 on plumbing repairs, and then Young Miss Weaver had her very expensive biopsy, and now an extra $50 just in the blink of an eye. Aggravating. But calming breaths, I will cultivate a state of zen. I am trying to have a more positive outlook on life, but there are times when it’s difficult.

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20th June, 2015. 10:43 am.

Regardless of one's feelings on gun control in general, I think everybody can agree that NRA board member Charles Cotton is a victim-blaming piece of shit.

Also, Cotton's tweet suggests he has given very little thought to the fact that black people have been killed by police for carrying cell phones, wallets, anything that could remotely resemble a gun. Why would a law-abiding black person (which the Emanuel Church shooting victims were) want to increase their risk of dying at a traffic stop by carrying a real gun on their way to Wednesday night Bible study?

Sigh. The NRA makes me a little nuts.

Also, and rather more frivolously making me nuts, the fact that the air conditioning at work on Friday was set to Arctic Tundra. I called it in to building maintenance, who said (apologetically) that VIP Who Shall Remain Nameless had asked for it to be set at 16 degrees Celsius on our floor and I should take it up with him if I thought that was too cold. Being conflict-averse, I decided I'd just suffer the rest of the day and bring a thick sweater to work Monday.

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7th June, 2015. 1:46 pm.

So I saw Mad Max: Fury Road, and it was AWESOME. I spent the first twenty minutes or so thinking, "Um, I really don't think this is my kind of movie," but then I surrendered to it in all its batshit insane glory and had a wonderful time. No spoilers, but go and see it, on the big screen if at all possible.

Very interesting article, Portugal decriminalized drugs 14 years ago and now hardly anyone dies from overdosing.. Fascinating. I didn't know Portugal had decriminalized drugs, let alone done it nearly a decade and a half ago.

I'm still having anxiety re: reading comments and replying to them. I'm working on it. Slow and steady wins the race.

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30th May, 2015. 8:16 am.

I'm still in a really weird place regarding replying to comments. I'm not ignoring anybody who's commented on previous posts, I'm just finding my anxiety is spiking very high whenever I go to READ said comments, so mostly I haven't actually read them. Yet. I will get over this and read them (and reply to them) at some point, I promise.

In the meantime, have a really interesting article about a previous FIFA president, Sir Stanley Rous, in Stanley Rous Remembered, Re-Assessed. Rous was not financially corrupt, but he sounds like as big a bastard as his successor Joao Havelange and FIFA's current President-for-Life Sepp Blatter, in his own special way. He went to great lengths to support apartheid South Africa, and as for the Chile business... Well, the Chile business is detailed in the article. One thing it doesn't say in the article is that the National Stadium in Santiago was in active use as a concentration camp for Pinochet's enemies until TWO WEEKS before the exhibition game organized by FIFA. It says that in another article that I unfortunately forgot to bookmark and cannot find now.

And have a really interesting article gakked from [profile] sucrelefey about James Rhodes, a concert pianist whose autobiography can only now be published, after legal challenges delayed publication (in fact, they wanted to PREVENT publication altogether) and forced Rhodes not to talk in public about the sexual abuse he suffered as a child. Not a particularly graphic article, but trigger-y all the same. The one thing I'm not clear on is why actor Benedict Cumberbatch is also in the photo of Rhodes at the top of the article. A supporter, possibly?

I feel like I should post something cute or funny to counteract these gloomy links. Alas, I got nuthin'. On the bright side, I have successfully persuaded my shrink that the Lyrica is not working on my anxiety AT ALL, and we are finally reducing it. He was convinced we just hadn't hit the right dosage yet. But I convinced him otherwise. Go me! And Young Miss Weaver is being very affectionate. Little does she realize that her veterinary doom has only been postponed, not vanquished altogether. Mwahahahaha! Mine is an evil laugh.

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